Swish Laundry

Swish is a Birmingham based company that offers our customers more than a service, we build a relationship with them through effective communication and that personal touch that money can’t buy.

We have a wealth of knowledge within the hospitality, retail and commercial laundry sectors, which gives us an all-round knowledge of what you expect from a supplier. Using this knowledge will be key to delivering a fantastic service to our customers.

We are unique in the fact that we have been the customer and the supplier, so we know what you expect and how we can tailor our service to deliver your exact requirements, in a reliable, efficient manner.

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Why Are We The Best?

To build relationships with our clients and provide an excellent, efficient service with quality products at the right price.
Our service is highly recommended by our clients, as we can adjust our operation to suit your needs.
The items we supply are not part of any pool stock, meaning they can be washed by themselves and will only be used for your business.
We purchase more stock than required and rotate this to make your products last longer, resulting in better quality for your customers.
We can supply entry level linen, right up to a boutique quality, whatever you need and whenever you need it.


We have a dedicated logistics team that are always monitoring our GPS tracked delivery’s, making sure we have real time information on our service. Our team of professional drivers have been trained to deliver the best service to our customers and the key to this is communication. Friendly, reliable and dedicated to delivering high standards every day.

Swish Commercial Laundry

Why Choose Us?

We work with a variety of organisations that cover many industries in the Midlands area. Working closely with our customers and establishing their needs, we evaluate, plan and action the right products and service for your business..


First Class Service


Quality Last Linen


Personal Touch & Professional Approach


State of the Art Equipment


Competitive Prices


Reliable and Quick Process
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Swish Laundry tailor services to meet your exact requirements.

If you would like a quote please click the button below. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call us on 0121 369 0455.
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Professional Services

Which ever industry your business falls under, if you need a commercial laundry to supply, wash and return linen to you in a fast, efficient, trouble free service, then you need to contact Swish. We have a dedicated team that can meet with you and discuss your requirements, demonstrate samples of our linen and towelling so you can choose the quality that fits your business.

The supply of our linen can be arranged in a matter of days and your business can be up and running with Swish without delay. Trained professionals will collect and deliver your stock however many times a week you need to keep your business efficient.

With the current economic climate and the national minimum wage increase, is it more practical, cost effective and less hassle to out-source this to Swish and let us manage this for you? We pride ourselves in a quality service for all our customers, with that personal touch that will build relationships within business.

Environmental Responsibility


Wastewater Exchange

Our advanced wastewater heat exchange technology recovers 400kw of energy from the water, which would otherwise go unused and leading to loss of water.


97% Water Efficiency

We operate 97% hot-water efficiency on our gas heating system and over a third of the energy is stored and reused, maximising our output, but without letting energy go to waste.


20% Energy Reduction

Our driers also feature heat recovery systems to pre-heat incoming air, thus reducing their energy consumption by approximately 20%.


Infrared Sensors

We use infrared sensors in our driers, which allows us to use the exact amount of energy and saves excessive unnecessary wear and tear on the linen.